Peppermint benefits

The Benefits of Peppermint - From your skin to your stomach

Peppermint, is a part of the mint family, Lamiaceae. Its strong, aromatic scent and flavor is a popular ingredient in not only teas, but also candy, toothpaste, and mixed drinks. Mint is perfect in any season to feel refreshed. The flavorful leaves  induce a feeling of warmth and happiness (as clinically proven) from within that every tea drinker craves.

Here are a few ingenious benefits of peppermint that you can now keep in mind with every sip*. 

  • Stress Ease - Peppermint is a nervine and stimulant, acting as a stress reliever. The aroma of this potent leaf has been found to help muscles relax and reduce tension, even upon first sniff! Learn more about the benefits of peppermint as a stress reliever here from Michigan State University. 
  • Sinus Relief - Before you know it, winter will end soon and spring will be here. But with every change of season, we're more likely to get affected - and infected - by a range of colds and viruses. The intake of warm peppermint tea can help clear your nasal tract and soothe sore throats. The natural decongestant properties support the ability to breathe more freely breaking down phlegm in our respiratory tract. The next time you feel stuffy, try dropping peppermint essential oil or dried leaves in steaming water and breathe in the volatile menthol oil. Click this article for more natural remedies for sinus congestion. Try our Above the Fog blend, with peppermint and herbal adaptogens, to support your sinuses this season.
  • Skin Health - Peppermint is also a healthy skin advocate, like clearing acne. Peppermint has been said to slightly boost estrogen levels, improving those pesky hormonal pimples. Peppermint oil, when used with a carrier oil, can be used to naturally clean your face because of its antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. For more health and beauty tips, visit this link.
  • Digestive Health - Mint can be helpful for digestion. Its cooling and stimulating effect may reduce pain in the digestive tract. Having a cup of a peppermint blend before going to bed can provide support. Still unsure about the digestive benefits of peppermint? Click this article from Everyday Health here for more. Add our Afternoon Reset blend to your tea pantry. It’s perfect in between meals - serving as a detox and supporting digestion.
  • Reduces Bad Breath - Though the science behind this theory is debatable, people believe that mint tea reduces the production of bad breath in the mouth when consumed regularly because of its strong aromatic qualities and antimicrobial attributes. 

Finding the right quality of peppermint herbal blends are essential for effective, healthy living. Peppermint is rich in vitamins and minerals, containing magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, niacin, potassium, sodium, selenium, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, vitamins A and C, and protein (Edwards, 2000). Keep this herb in your pantry or home apothecary to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.


* This article is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult with a clinician before trying any of the mentioned uses and formats. 

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