INA Botanicals & Tea™ is committed to strengthening the bridge between nature and the built world to support your growth and wellness. 

How do we do this?
  • Sourcing high-quality,organic botanicals
  • Finding nourishment from the beneficial properties of teas and herbs
  • Seeking mental clarity through daily rituals of preparing and enjoying plant derived goods
  • Connecting with the community using nature as our guide

Where did the name INA come from? 

INA (ē • nə) denotes the familiar feminine name and comes from the word Regina, meaning “queen”. INA (i • ná) is also the word for "mother" in Tagalog, which is an homage to mother nature and nod to Bernadette’s Filipinx heritage. 

About the Founder + Clinical Herbalist

As a professional starting out in New York City, Bernadette’s gateway to tea opened each morning with a paper cup and tea bag of Earl Grey from the local bodega. Since then she’s turned to tea and herbs not only for the tea parties and delicious blends, but also for their holistic health benefits. 

She's a Clinical Herbalist and has formally studied with Verse School of Herbal Medicine and The Herbal Academy. Bernadette lives in San Francisco with her partner and two young kids with their budding city garden by the ocean.  Inspired by nature and ancient practices, she's humbled to create nourishing blends that can be sipped daily to fit any task of today.

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