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Tea Steeping Accessory Must-Haves

Steeping loose leaf teas shouldn’t be intimidating. Although tea bags can be convenient and cheap, you could be getting more value if you go with loose leaves instead. Check out our post about the benefits of steeping loose leaf tea where we talk about how going loose is beneficial for you and the environment. But, we're here to talk about how you can easily brew loose leaves from home or on-the-go.

You can steep tea using simple kitchen essentials – you may already have these items stocked in your cabinet. 

We break down our favorite tea infusion accessory must-haves along with brands that we can vouch for.

1. Tea infuser
Stainless steel tea infuser

Tea infusers are a cheap and storage efficient accessory that does the trick when infusing different blends. You can find ones in different shapes, sizes and materials, usually for less than $15. It primarily comes in stainless steel and can last a long time if you are gentle when cleaning it. Stock as many tea infusers as you have serving spoons in your utensil drawer, so you can never go without a day of tea!

Check out our selection of infusers.

Average cost: $8.00


2. Teapot
forlife teapot tea infuser

Using tea pots is one of the common ways to steep tea. When drinking loose leaf tea or herbs, the little particles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes that can sometimes sneak through a regular tea infuser. This can be a nuisance by leaving you with some leaves in your sip. Our favorites teapots have minimalistic and gracious forms, like FORLIFE and Viva Scandinavia. These tea pots are made with fine, but porous infusers that give you a clean pour each time. 

Tea pots are also a beautiful addition to your tablescape. Once you buy one, before you know it, you may amass a teapot collection to match different table decor and afternoon tea motifs. 

Average cost: $34.00 USD

3. Travel infuser 
travel tea and fruit infuser

Hot tea-on-the-go is definitely a thing. Hot tea-on-the-go steeped to perfection is even better! There are handy travel mug infusers that allow you to brew your loose leaves at the right amount of time, so you don’t have to worry about tasting bitter leaves (like you would with tea bags in takeaway cups). 

We love this one by Ukiyo. It comes in a compartment for your blend and a separate compartment for your water. You just flip the bottle over to steep your tea and flip it back when it’s done. This glass infuser doubles as a fruit water infuser. But, be careful when closing the different compartments. If you don’t secure it tightly you may get a leak.

Average cost: $35.00 USD

4. French press
french press for tea and coffee

A french press is a cool tool to brew your caffeine fix, for coffee and tea lovers alike. We like how you can watch the leaves and herbs open up in the wide and tall glass of the french press. You can easily track your water and continue to refill it without diluting much of the flavor with each new steep. Our favorite brands are Bodom and Espreso. These 

Average cost: $25.00 USD


4. Glass measuring cup and small strainer

A handy way to steep your leaves is with a glass measuring cup and a kitchen strainer. Similar to the french press, the width gives the leaves free reign to bloom. Some glass cups are microwave safe – you can fill it up with cold water and pop it in for about a minute. Pour the hot or boiling water into the cup (Pyrex is a go-to brand) and pour the leaves in. The small spout makes for an easy pour into a tea strainer and mug.

Average cost measuring cup and strainer: $18.00 USD

The Last Steep 

Steeping loose leaves can start small. Go with a tea infuser or with a glass measuring cup. No matter how you do it, you're able to enjoy what these leaves were meant to do. To open up and share their full leaf potential -- flavors, colors, shapes, health benefits, and all.

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