Fantastic Fennel

Many know fennel as a flavoring in food, but it also has surprisingly supportive qualities. This little-known herb is bursting with flavor and offers a host of health benefits, too. 

Keep reading to learn more about this wonder herb to help you or a lactating friend ; ).


For Digestion

Fennel tea can be an ally to your digestive woes. Not only does it help with upset stomachs, flatulence and diarrhea but this herb has been known as a natural remedy for many other ailments.Fennel can help relieve constipation and can help relax your digestive muscles especially when you're struggling with regular bowel movements. Fennel tea is also a great way to get off those detoxifying properties into your system. It'll help you cleanse and purify, while also moving any toxins through.

For Breastfeeding

For centuries, fennel has been said to be helpful in breast milk production due to its natural estrogen-like properties. It supports the quality and volume of milk flow in lactating parents. Like any other herbal supplements, herbs like fennel should be taken according to its recommended dose. It is best to discuss it first with your doctor or lactating consultant to reduce the risk of any unwanted side effects. 

Increasing Libido

Fennel is related to plants like cumin, dill, anise and caraway in that all these herbs bear small, aromatic fruits which are better known as seeds. Fennel has a long history of magical, medicinal and culinary uses. The first known use of the herb was made by the ancient Egyptians who regarded fennel as a potent nutritional supplement and libido booster and employed the herb in various medicinal and culinary recipes. In the Middle Ages, fennel was used as protection against evil spirits and hung over the doorway of houses on Midsummer Eve. Eventually fennel came to be used as an important ingredient in love potions, a tradition which continued with modifications until recent times as evidenced by fennel’s presence in modern stimulants like absinthe.

Fennel tea is a lovely herbal tea with a light, sweet flavor and a hint of licorice. It has been used for centuries as an herb to increase libido and is thought to work as an aphrodisiac by aiding in the production of hormones necessary for sexual arousal. This wonder tea is also believed to stimulate blood flow to the genitals and can be enjoyed by brewing just a small handful of fennel seeds. 

Check with Your Provider

Fennel tea has a lot of benefits including for digestion, breastfeeding parents, and for those who are trying to increase their libido. Check with your healthcare provider before adding any new herbs to your diet. Fennel tea makes a wonderful addition to any herbal tea enthusiast's collection.

Our Afternoon Reset blend is infused with fennel to especially support your liver and digestive system. 



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